PIA will now give you a seat with extra leg room if you pay RS.5,000 more for your ticket

The price of the seat will vary depending on the location you are travelling to

Pakistan International Airlines recently announced that they have reached the break-even point and will become a profitable company in a few years. Now it is clear to see how they are making this possible.

The airlines have just announced that those seeking extra legroom on one of PIA international flights can pay extra money to get a bulkhead seat which offers extra legroom and consequently better comfort for the passenger.

The bulkhead seats are the seats that are behind a bulkhead, an area which separates first class from economy class. These seats are preferred by a lot of people because of the extra legroom and there is also no seat in front of the passenger which means no seats reclining on your face.

According to PIA, you’ll have to pay RS. 5,000 for a bulkhead seat if you are traveling to the U.S through the airline and Rs. 3,000 for London and Europe, and Rs. 2,000 for Gulf countries and Rs. 1,000 for traveling anywhere in Pakistan.

Previously the bulkhead seats were given to people only if they requested it and it was subject to availability.

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