Pakistan is getting this new submarine cable system that may add crazy speed to our internet

Internet carriers will be able to extend gigabit speeds to the local population of the country

The Cyber Internet Services (Cybernet) Pakistan has just signed an agreement with PEACE (Pakistan and East Africa Connecting Europe) Cable International Network Company ltd to add a carrier-neutral and open-access new submarine cable system in Pakistan.

In simple words, this new cable will increase 96 terabits per second to the internet capacity of the country.

According to the CEO of the Cybernet company, the new cable system is sure to have a massive impact on the digital landscape of Pakistan. The new submarine cable is built upon a new ultra latency design which will cut down transit time between Pakistan and Frace to under 90 milliseconds.

If that is to actually happen, this is good news for gamers connecting on European servers because they will have very little latency while playing games online.

According to PEACE, the new cable system will also allow internet and mobile carriers in the country to extend gigabit speeds to the local population of the country. It will help meet the fast growth in bandwidth demand from mobile and fixed broadband users in Pakistan and other neighboring countries.

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