One of the oldest and greatest food streets of Rawalpindi ‘Kartarpura’ is about to get a makeover

A beautification project has been launched to make the food street more appealing

Everyone knows when you are craving authentic street style desi food in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the only place to go is Kartarpura. The area has stood there for decades serving people with desi food such as Nihari, Paye, Lassi, Cholay and more.

But unfortunately, Katarpura has always been a tough place to go to because the street really doesn’t have any proper seating arrangements for family, nor is it appealing enough to attract the masses. As a result, people either have to eat in small spaces provided by the eateries in the street, or they have to eat while sitting in their car especially if they are visiting the area with a family. Most people prefer taking food home too.

But now that is about to change because the Parks and Horticulture (PHA) have launched an up-gradation and beautification project which aims to make Katarpura a fully functional food street for families of the twin cities.

According to PHA, renovation of the old buildings will also be arranged and a dedicated car parking area will be added for the visitors. Currently, the authority is busy beautifying the area to make it more appealing.

The authority is aiming to complete the first phase of beautification and up-gradation before Ramazan because this is the time when a lot of people visit Katarpura for Sehri and Iftar.

Moreover, CCTV cameras will also be installed to make sure the food street is secure. The traffic police will be present on the street at all times to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

The waste management company has also been involved in the project to make sure the street remains clean.

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