McDonalds Launches Anday wala burger for Rs. 250 and this is how it looks

A couple of weeks ago Ali Gul Pir was uploading videos of himself trying to find anday wala burger in many known international burger chains in Pakistan. It wasn’t hard to see that he was working with McDonald’s in order to tease the burger joint’s upcoming desi fusion menu item.

It became obvious when McDonald’s shared Ali’s video that it would indeed be introducing the iconic anday wala burger in Pakistan. And today it has officially launched it all over Pakistan. But McDonald’s is calling it Bun Kebab instead of Anday wala buger which essentially means the same.

The burger is out now and you can try it out from any branch of McDonald’s in Pakistan. The meal consists of the burger and free of cost sprite. The burger is also served differently in a newspaper like packing to give you an authentic anda shami burger look.

It is made with chicken shaami kebab and is loaded with mint chutney. A mint chutney dip is also served with the burger just like you would get it from a street vendor.

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s tried experimenting with desi fusion burgers. Previously the burger joint had introduced Chicken chapli kebab burger which was a hit and became a permanent item in the menu.

So have you tried McDonald’s bun kebab? Is it any good? Let the others know!