Martin Kobler just had his last supper with FC Jawans and thanked them for protecting everyone

Kobler won hearts again before leaving Pakistan

Pakistan’s favorite German ambassador to Pakistan recently announced that he was going to retire from his professional life in Pakistan and return to his family in Germany.

This broke many hearts because Pakistanis grew to love him for how he has represented the country through his social media posts. The German ambassador had his farewell yesterday and he gave a heartwarming speech and ensured that he will return to Pakistan one day as a tourist.

But before he leaves Pakistan, Kobler decided to have his last professional meal with FC jawans. He brought the food to the jawans himself and sat with them on the floor while enjoying his last meal.

Later on, Kobler also thanked the jawans for always protecting the people of Pakistan no matter what. He labeled his supper with FC guards a very memorable moment that he will remember for years to come.

As per sources, Martin Kobler is set to leave Pakistan either today or tomorrow. He will bid farewell to everyone in Pakistan in his usual manner – through social media!

Good luck for your future ventures and thank you for what you have done for Pakistan throughout your career here.

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