Karachi witnessed a massive dust storm last night and check out the destruction it caused

It was unlike any dust storm the city has ever witnessed

An intense and dangerous dust storm hit Karachi last night which resulted in the death of at least three people with more than 20 injured. The storm started late on Sunday night and continued through Monday morning.

It uprooted trees, dispersed sand around the city and even blew away the roofs of houses in some areas. Most incidents of roof collapses were reported from Landhi, Malir, Korangi, PECHS, Lyari, Surjani Town and Chowrangi.

At least five students of a college were severely injured and rushed to a nearby hospital when the roof of the school collapsed on Tipu Sultan Road.

A makeshift roof of a mosque at a fish harbor also collapsed injuring the Imam. Another wall collapsed in Landhi No.3 injuring at least two people in the process.

According to sources, another roof collapsed in Sarjani Town No. 7 injuring at least two people. At least eight fishermen are reported missing after their boat overturned near the Rehri Goth area.

Storm in Karachi

Geplaatst door Annie Bhutto op Zondag 14 april 2019

Geplaatst door TaLha Khan op Zondag 14 april 2019

Geplaatst door Amir Haleem Syed op Zondag 14 april 2019

The storm was so strong that it also hampered the visibility on the roads and took away with it numerous tin walls and knocked out many power cables in areas.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department said that the storm was stronger than they had expected. The winds blew at a speed of at least 65/KMs. It reduced the visibility to 500 meters.

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