Edhi Foundation adds a brand new aircraft to its Air Ambulance service

The Edhi Foundation only recently resumed its air ambulance service after it had been discontinued for the past many years due to old and outdated aircraft.

The world’s largest ambulance setup resumed its air ambulance wing in November 2018 and since then has been trying its best to secure donations for new aircraft, and just recently it was successful in acquiring a brand new aircraft to add to their fleet of aircraft and helicopter.

The newly acquired Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair is a modern aircraft that is perfect to help people in an emergency. It will provide access to faster health care services in case of disasters and emergencies.

The six-seater plane is able to carry out rescue efforts in remote areas as well with an operational cost of Rs. 50,000 per hour.

The aircraft was bought for Rs. 55 million of which a major chunk was donated by British Pakistanis for the ambulance service.

The Edhi air ambulance service is offered free of charge in case of any major disaster or catastrophe occurs. The services can provide quick airlift health care services to stranded or injured people and help save their lives.