Drew Binsky concludes his trip to Pakistan – says he will definitely be back

Drew Binsky, known worldwide for traveling more than 100 cities at a very young age, has just concluded his visit to Pakistan. He has labeled Pakistan as the most hospitable country in the world.

Binsky released his last video from Pakistan yesterday and thanked everyone for their love and generosity in Pakistan. In his video, the travel vlogger said that Pakistan has become one of his favorite countries out of the 100 countries he has traveled so far. He says he will definitely come back to Pakistan.

He concluded his trip by releasing a video that shows 10 things he loved about Pakistan. He labeled the hospitality of Pakistan number 1 on that list followed by the generosity of the people and the affordability of traveling in Pakistan.


He also labeled Pakistan as one of the safest countries he visited in his travels, confirming to the world that the western media has indeed been showing a made up negative image of a country.

Binsky traveled nearly all the major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and the northern areas.

Make sure to check out his entire Pakistan journey on his Facebook page.