Akon’s concert and World Soccer Stars event in Pakistan has apparently been postponed

The organizers have been denied an NOC due to security reasons

Over the past few months, World Soccer Stars was aggressively promoting a football event in Pakistan that was supposed to take place this weekend. The organizers went as far as to bring football legends Ricardo Kaka, Nicolas Anelka, and Luis Figo on board the event and even had them visit Pakistan to promote the two matches.

The event was also supposed to feature a live concert by world-renowned singer Akon. The star was set to perform in Karachi and Lahore during the opening ceremonies of the matches.

But now sources close to Express Tribune have revealed that the event has been postponed. The sources have claimed that the organizers of the event were not given a NOC by the authorities due to security reasons.

On the flip side, some sources have also revealed that the reason behind the postponement was due to lack of interest shown by sponsors. This story is still developing since the organizers have not made any official statement regarding this unexpected turn of events.

There is a chance that organizers are still trying their best to bring the event on the original dates. We’ll just have to wait for an official announcement by the organizers. The ticket for the live concert and football matches are still up for grabs.

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