A female driver apparently crashed her car right into a restaurant in Islamabad

There is a whole debate going on whether the driver was a woman or a man

Something very unexpected happened today in Islamabad when apparently a woman drove her car right into the entrance of Habibi Restaurant in Islamabad in I-8.

The news when broke out quickly went viral on social media with men and women commenting on their thoughts. While the majority of people took this opportunity to shade fun on the opposite gender’s driving skills, many were sympathizing with the driver.

One thing that has not been proved yet is whether the driver was a female or was a male. But the videos and photos from witnesses have said again and again that it was a woman. Have a look at the videos and photos yourself.

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Here is another interesting fact. The driver was not seen anywhere after the incident happened. Many people are debating that this is enough proof that the driver was a female since they fled to safe difference and if it was a male he would have been still on the scene.

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