You can now reach Multan from Lahore in just 3:30 hours using Daewoo Express Non-stop bus service

Daewoo has launched a new non stop bus service from Lahore to Multan and back

People traveling from Multan to Lahore and back will be delighted to hear that Daewoo Express has launched a non-stop bus service for the route. This new service is starting from the 1st of April and can be availed at very reasonable rates.

The new non-stop bus service promises to help you reach your destination in just 3 hours and 30 minutes, the fastest you can get from Lahore to Multan via road on a bus.

Non-stop service means that this bus will not stop on service stations on Motorway. For you as a passenger, you will have to bring water, food, and other important items to make sure you do not have to make a stop. Emptying your bowels and bladder is also recommended because the bus only rarely stops for these matters.

It is good to see Daewoo Express finally expanding their services in Pakistan. After all, there are now plenty of other bus services that rival the once mighty popular Daewoo Express with better buses and services.

Will this help Daewoo win back its lost customer base?

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