Trevor James aka The Food Ranger has arrived in Pakistan and lets give him a warm welcome

Trevor James, also known as The Food Ranger had announced a couple of weeks ago that he will be coming to Pakistan to shoot a new food series focused on the food and hospitality of the country.

The famous travel and food vlogger has finally arrived in Pakistan and is currently busy shooting video for his Pakistan series.

Trevor James landed in Islamabad during the past weekend and has already been to iconic Monal restaurant of the capital. He was seen having a meal with Ali Hamdani, the same man who made Mark Weins journey to Pakistan a possibility.

During his tour, Trevor will travel to various cities and small villages of Pakistan in search of great food. According to his latest social media posts, James has already fallen in love in Pakistan. He said that he cannot believe how amazing and friendly it is in Pakistan.

More recently, Trevor was seen on the streets of Lahore his partner and Ali. They can be seen enjoying Nihari and other street food of Lahore. He expressed his desire to share his videos as soon as they are ready. He also mentioned that Pakistan is an amazing country and a beautiful destination for travel and food lovers.

We will closely follow Trevor James and his journey and update you as soon as a video is released.