This new state of the art college in Bajaur is proof Pakistan is on the right path of education

They say education is what determines the success and prosperity of the Nation. In Pakistan, education is still an issue we have struggled with. There are many children who still don’t go to school and are forced into child labor.

In order to grow as a country, giving a boost to our education should be a top priority, and that is exactly what the authorities are aiming for. Many new government-operated schools are opening up in the tribal areas of Pakistan in hopes of giving education a boost. And it is working.

A new school in Bajaur, completed by Pak Army will leave you impressed. The newly constructed Khar Public School & College has everything a modern school and college should have. Have a look at the college in pictures.

Khar Public School & College is turning out to be a very impressive venture by the Pak Army and the government of Pakistan. The school is equipped with a modern library, computer labs, playground, clean and tidy interior, and a science lab. It has everything a private school in a major city in Pakistan has.

If we can keep building schools like these in areas where they are needed the most, in the upcoming future, Pakistan will have many more educated individuals.