These Jawwans of FC Balochistan not only helped cleared road of snow but also served warm food to the stranded

For the past couple of days, Balochistan has been hit with massive rain and snow. This has not only caused flooding in parts of the region but elsewhere has also caused many other problems for the people.

In Zhob, Balochistan, there was so much snow that the entire road connecting the region was blocked. This led many people stuck on the road who were stranded for hours.

People driving private vehicles as well as passengers from bus services had no choice but to stay in their cars and wait for help. This is when the Jawans of FC Balochistan came to the rescue of the people.

Knowing that the people were stranded in the region for hours to no end, the Jawans brought with them warm food. Passengers of a private bus, as well as owners of private vehicles, were given fresh warm food while the jawans did everything in their power to clear the road.

The FC Balochistan and Pak Army are busy rescuing people stuck in similar situations all across the region. It is heartwarming to see someone cares of the locals stuck in disaster.