The second phase of Plant4Punjab begins today – Aims to plant 12 million saplings in Spring Season

For the past few years, the quality of air in Punjab, specifically in Lahore has dropped so much that it has become an alarming situation. The smog that shrouds the city in winters is responsible for many respiratory problems for the people.

The air quality of Lahore in the past few years have dropped to a level that the city has literally become one of the worst cities in the world for air quality.

This is a problem that we all need to work together to fix. To help clean the environment, the Punjab government launched Plant4Punjab initiative which is synonymous with the 10 billion tree tsunami initiative of the government.

The second phase of Plant4Punjab began today with students from various schools planting saplings in parks and other places.

Plant4Punjab aims to plant more than 12 million saplings as the beginning of the initiative. It has already successfully planted 6 million saplings around Lahore and Punjab. With the second phase, another 6 million saplings will be planted in Spring season alone.

Moreover, the initiative has also banned new societies from building anything on agricultural land, preventing them from occupying spaces where trees can be grown instead.

Plant4Punjab is now calling every citizen old, young, women, and children included to come out and plant saplings for the better environment and future of Pakistan.