Test run of BRT Buses in Peshawar successfully completed

The busses were tested on the corridor from Hayatabad to Chamkani

The citizens of Peshawar have long waited for the BRT Bus project to be completed in the provincial capital of KPK. The local government announced that a soft opening would be observed followed by a test run of the Bus Rapid Transit System on the 22nd of March.

The test run has successfully been completed and was witnessed by both citizens and media personalities. The test run began from the Hayatabad station and ended on Chmakani on Friday. According to the spokesperson from the government, all civil work on the project has been completed and now the remaining work is expected to complete soon.

When asked about the delay, the spokesperson said that the delay was due to heavy rains which kept the region covered for most of the month.

During the test run, three buses started from the Hayatabad station and passed through the BRT track to reach Chamkami, the very starting point of the project.

Although the project is not completed yet, the tests indicate that it is following the right path and will be completed soon.

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