Someone in Islamabad made this 11 Kanal big Hobbit themed Farm House

Fans of J.J R Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings in Pakistan will love this. A replica of the iconic hobbit house from the LOTR movies has just been completed in Islamabad by someone.

This hobbit house is unlike anything it’s movie counterpart when it comes to its sheer size. The hobbit house in the movie is a tiny cottage fit for hobbits only. This house is a gigantic 11 Kanal farm house suited for a big family.

And if you’re a die hard fan of LOTR and hobbits in general, you have the chance of actually finally living in one of these because the owner is reportedly selling it in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

The hobbit farmhouse is located just a few minutes away from Bahria Phase 8 near Zarrar garrison on Adiyala road that connects Baharia town with DHA. This road also happens to connect to a gated community of more than 65 farmhouses. This is where this hobbit farmhouse is located.

The Hobbit farmhouse has impressive modern features for anyone who wishes to live a luxurious life. The interior is fully modernized to the core.

Hobbit house from the LOTR movies

Just in case you have forgotten how the hobbit house looks like from the movies, here are some pictures to remind you.