Renowned American Subwoofer company SVS officially comes to Pakistan

SVS, American subwoofers, and speaker manufacturers, best known for their high-end subwoofers at an affordable price have arrived in Pakistan. The company is currently looking for distributors and held an exhibition at the IAPEX Lahore 2019.

The high-quality subwoofers from SVS have time and time proven that you shouldn’t spend thousands and thousands of your precious rupees on high-end sound systems when you can get the same quality at the fraction of the price.

Even though SVS sub-woofers aren’t exactly the cheapest sound systems you’ll find out there, they are the best in the price category. Normally speakers and subwoofers of this quality can cost in thousands of dollars.

At the heart of the company, SVS has always wanted to provide people home theatre sound systems at affordable prices. In Pakistan, they hope to introduce people to high-end theatre systems that they don’t have to spend in millions to acquire them for home use.

As far as the quality of sound goes, the biggest tech magazines of the U.S have featured their products numerous times with positive reviews all-round. They are definitely going to blow your mind with their ultimate sound quality.

Once SVS has found proper distribution channels in Pakistan, they will launch their products in the local market. Currently, you can still buy their products by getting in touch with them on their Facebook page.