Pakistani parkour freerunner’s stunts are so good you’ll wonder why he isn’t in the movies yet

Parkour is an internationally well-received activity that has origins in the military. Originally designed for military obstacle course training, the activity has become something that adrenaline pumped people enjoy doing a lot.

Parkour also plays a huge role in movies. The action sequences you see in high-budget Hollywood movies are often performed by professional parkour freerunners.

In Pakistan, although a lot of people are not familiar with the activity, many young boys are still practicing it. One of them is Shar Hussain, a boy originally from Quetta living in Lahore these days.

Shar Hussain has so many amazing tricks up his sleeve that it can easily leave you mesmerized by just watching at what he does. If you don’t believe us, have a look at what he can do.

Shar Hussain definitely proves that when it comes to Parkour, Pakistani youth aren’t far behind from their western counterparts. The only problem is that they have no platform to show their talents to.

Perhaps Pakistan should introduce a sports platform where these youngsters can show their talent, or maybe film directors should consider using their expertise to make their movie’s action sequences a lot more appealing to the audience.