Pakistan Day rehearsals are going strong and we have pictures to prove

23rd March, Pakistan Day is one of the most important days in the history of our country. It is celebrated every year in Pakistan with a Pakistan Day Parade that consists of a display of military strength by Pakistan Army, PAF and Navy.

This year Pakstan Day parade will be extra special because many notable personalities from around the world are attending the parade. Notably, the Prime Minister of Malaysia will be a chief guest at the Parade day.

The rehearsals of the parade are going strong and you can hear jets screaming through the skies every day in the morning. PAF is being joined by other country’s air force performers. The J-10 fighter jets from China’s Bayi Aerobatic Team has already arrived in Islamabad and are rehearsing for their performance side by side with PAF.

Along with rehearsals, the Islamabad Police has also released a traffic schedule that will be effective from today. No heavy traffic will be allowed in the capital and certain areas of the city will be closed off for security reasons.

Make sure you plan ahead if you are journeying to or from Islamabad.