New Safari train service has been launched from Nowshera to Mardan and Dergai

Pakistan Railways has recently been resuming and starting new train services across the country. Its latest and greatest service is the Safari train service from Nowshera to Mardan and Dergai.

The aim of the service is to boost the tourism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a region already famous for its beautiful mountains, serene lakes, and wonderful seasons.

The train will take the travelers through Takht Bhai, a Buddhist monastery which is already a popular tourist spot in the area. With the new train, people will get there easily.

The Takht Bhai monastery is listed in the world heritage list, it is considered one of the most well-structured Buddhist monasteries in the Gandhara district.

The monastery is perched about 500 feet atop the small hill which is about 2km from the Takht Bhai Bazaar in the Mardan district of KPK.

Pakistan Railways also plans to restore service from Dergai to Karachi very soon on the very same track. It plans to grow trees and gardens on either side of the railway track to beautify the track and make the journey enjoyable for passengers.