More than 300 teams of Pakistani youth are currently competing in this insanely big street art competition in Lahore

Master Paints, a well-known paints company in Pakistan is overseeing a unique street art competition in Lahore which has currently completed its third big event in Lahore.

This has to be one of the largest street art competitions in the country at the moment. More than 300 teams consisting of at least 3 young boys and girls have already participated in the event.

The challenge is to create art on the empty walls of Lahore with a certain theme in mind. While some artists are paying tribute to known personalities of Pakistan, others have chosen to paint Pakistan’s best and little known monuments on the walls.

The competition has brought many empty walls to life and it has breathed a new colorful and vibrant life to the city. The event will continue with more teams participating and the ultimate champion will be decided at the end of the competition after a voting system.

Anyone from Pakistan can take part in this competition regardless of their age, profession, gender, or ethnicity. This is truly an event on a mass scale that will encourage people to come out and pay tribute to Pakistan.

To see all the paintings, make sure to visit the official Facebook page of master paints.