Martin Kobler is leaving Pakistan soon and it can’t get more emotional than this

The German envoy announced his retirement a couple of days ago

The German Ambassador to Pakistan, Mr. Martin Kobler, just announced that he is retiring soon. The news has left many people emotional because of how he has become a favorite figure in the country.

In just a short time of his duties here in Pakistan, Martin Kobler has made a huge fan following. He is the only ambassador in Pakistan who freely walks Pakistan, speaks in favor of the country, and loves the culture.

He has even raised many important local issues through his voice and has even helped a lot of people out. The Envoy tweeted on Sunday that he was going to retire soon. He asked his followers whether he should start preparing halwa as a backup plan. Here’s the original tweet.

Feel already sad going on retirement soon. What do you guys think? Shouldn’t i prepare a back up plan after retirement and help with halwa production?
Pic from ‘Munawar Sohan halwa shop’ near Lodhran, recently.

He may be going back, but we’ll never forget the things he has done for Pakistan. Here is a look at some of his life’s best moments in Pakistan.

That time when he went to a local barber for a hair cut

That time when he went shopping for shalwar kameez

That time when he tried halwa puri and went grocery shopping

That time he gave his foxy a truck art makeover

The time when he tried Karachi ki biryani for the first time

The time when he spoke in favor of Pakistan Post

These were just some of the things Martin did in his time in Pakistan. We will always remember this guy no matter where he goes after retirement.

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