Islamabad authorities launch one of the biggest cleanliness drive of the Capital in recent times

In recent times, Islamabad has lost much of its beauty to swarms of garbage and litter lying around its streets and main roads. The situation got so bad that you could easily see random garbage dumps no matter where you went in the Capital.

Seeing this problem, the citizens of Islamabad had raised concerned with the authorities to start a clean drive. Yesterday, that clean drive finally started and municipal staff from various major authorities in the capital were seen cleaning the streets and roads of Islamabad.

Clean drive in the sector F-6

Nullahs and roads were cleared of garbage in the sector F-6 area.

Clean Drive at Khanna Pul

At Khanna Pul, Islamabad authorities cleared garbage from heaps and encroachments. Some barbed wire has also been installed in the area to protect the greenery.

Clean Drive on Murree Road

Murree road was also being cleared of garbage and trash around the green belt and sides of the road.

Cleanliness drive in G-15

A massive cleanliness drive was launched in G-15 yesterday after several complaints from the residents.

Cleanliness drive in France Colony

France Colony was where the cleanliness drive started. It was the dirtiest area of Islamabad and now with the help of authorities, it feels anew.

During the massive clean drive, the following took place:

  • The nullah alongside the colony was cleaned from 8 am to 2 pm which had massive garbage dumped into it.
  • The colony residents were given an awareness that once this area is cleaned fully, they have to keep it clean and have to throw the garbage and waste only in the dump available in the vicinity.
  • Symbolic fines were imposed inside the France colony upon the residents who had not cleared garbage in front of their quarters.
  • A committee has been directed to be formulated from among the residents of the colony who would take charge of the cleanliness and make people maintain the cleanliness of the area.
  • The cleanliness drive of the France colony will continue.