ICT Islamabad is bringing drone plantation technology Pakistan

All necessary steps are being taken to bring drone plantation to Pakistan

A couple of weeks ago, Nasa had released a few images of the world where it showed that the greenery in Pakistan has grown in double digits since the past few decades. It was thrilling to hear that the efforts of the government and the people to plant trees in the country were finally paying off.

It’s all thanks to the passion of the people and the government authorities to make sure that Pakistan becomes greener than ever so we can leave green and safe environment for our youth.

To make it even more effective, the ICT Administration in Islamabad is taking all steps towards bringing drone plantation to the capital city. This will not only increase the speed at which saplings are planted in the city, but will also make them much more effective as opposed to hand plantation.

The news of bringing drone plantation to Islamabad was confirmed by the chief minister of Islamabad. He has assured that the technology will be brought to Pakistan very soon and it will be first tested in Islamabad.

More About Drone Plantation Technology

The drone plantation technology the commissioner was talking about is explained in the video below.

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Are you excited about this technology coming to Pakistan? We’ll update on this as soon as more information is available.

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