Honda Debuts its Electric ‘E-Prototype’ car and it looks as if it came straight from a sci-fi movie

Honda has just created a wave in the auto industry with its newest compact electric vehicle, the ‘Honda E-Prototype’. The car is a direct successor of 2017’s Honda Urban EV Concept. It has now been refined enough to be able to take on roads.

The E-Prototype has a very simple and streamlined body with contrasted black inserts that frame perfectly on both round front headlamps and rear brake lights.

One look at the car and you can’t help but think it comes straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie. The multi-screen consoles, illuminated badges, pop-out handles, smart side mirrors, digital clusters, and LiDar system definitely makes it one of the most futuristic cars out there.

To add in some luxury, the rear-wheel commuter, and woodgrain trim has been added to the center console and woodgrain in the interior. The charging port of the vehicle is also very cleverly designed. It is moved towards the hood of the car to make it as accessible as possible. The port also has an LED display that gives you the current percentage of the battery.

According to experts, the Honda E-Prototype is able to pull off 200km before running out of juice. The company has claimed that the car charges to 80% from 0% in just 30 minutes. The road-ready version of the car is expected to go for sale for around USD$33,000 (approximately PKR 4,612,080).