Here are the new rates of regulatory and custom duty imposed on mobile phones

Rs. 180 for $30 per set up to Rs. 18,500 for $500+ per set

At the end of 2018, the current government had imposed ridiculous duties on the import of mobile phones. People were disallowed from bringing more than one phone from abroad when casually traveling.

Duties on phones as high as Rs. 30,000 was charged randomly from people bringing phones from abroad on the airport because the government had not set any official regulatory and customs duties on the set. But now that has changed as a letter from the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs, Revenue, and Statistics has revealed the new duty on importing mobile sets.

Here’s how duty on phones will work

  • $30 mobiles – Rs. 180/set
  • $30 – $100 mobiles – Rs. 1,800/set
  • $100 – $200 mobiles – Rs. 2,700/set
  • $200 – $350 mobiles – Rs. 3,600/set
  • $350 – $500 mobiles – Rs. 10,500/set
  • $500 above mobiles – Rs 18,500/set

If you are an importer, these rates are very important for you to know. For people purchasing imported phones, this rate list will affect the overall price of phones in the country.

This rate is also important for you if you are bringing more than one set for a loved one from abroad. You will be charged these rates when you get your phone complacent with PTA.

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