Heavy Bikes are now allowed on the Motorway

You must be 30 years of age to be on Motorway on a bike though – Read full 24 conditions inside

For quite some time there was a case going on in the Islamabad High Court to allow the entry of heavy bikes on Motorway. Just a couple of days the decision to allow motorbikes on the motorway was approved and now a letter by the office of the Inspector General of Police National Highways and Motorways Police has surfaced on the internet.

According to the letter, heavy bikes are now allowed on the motorway under certain conditions. There are 24 conditions that you can read below but before you can ride your heavy bike on the motorway, you will have to acquire a biker card by the police. Read the letter below.

The 24 conditions of riding your heavy bike on the Motorway

You can read the full conditions of heavy bike entry on motorways below. A simplified version of these points is also written down for you.

  1. Heavy bikes are only granted permission to enter motorway after a Biker Card by NHMP has been issued to the rider.
  2. Only the person holding the biker card along with a valid motorbike license will be able to enter the motorway.
  3. The minimum age to acquire a biker card is 30 years. A medical card will be required when applying for one.
  4. The biker card will be a non-transferable document and will have to be renewed every year.
  5. When applying for the biker card, you will have to submit an undertaking on a stamp paper attested by a notary public.
  6. The motorbike entering motorway must have a valid number plate after registration from an authorized agency of the federal or provincial government.
  7. The maximum speed limit to ride a bike on Motorway has been set to 110kmph.
  8. In the case of overspeeding, one wheeling, reckless driving, or failing to stop when ordered by a police officer of motorway police shall result in the cancellation of the license and the biker card. The violator will also be barred from acquiring the license and biker card for a period of six months.
  9. Motorbikes will be allowed during the interval from sunrise to sunset in normal weather conditions and visibility.
  10. Pillion riding will not be allowed on motorways
  11. Visible reflectors shall be displayed at the back of motorbikes entering motorways
  12. Motorbikes must be in perfect working condition to enter
  13. Motorbikes will have to have side mirrors to enter
  14. Motorbikes below 660cc engines will not be allowed on the motorways
  15. The minimum tread depth of front and rear wheels of motorbikes shall be at least 1 mm.
  16. To enhance its visibility for other road users, every motorbike will keep its headlights on.
  17. Motorbikes will have to be fitted with proper silencers. Any motorbike found producing loud, harsh, or shrill noise will not be allowed on the motorways.
  18. Heavy bikes for the purpose of racing shall not be allowed to enter.
  19. A motorbike rider will be required to wear standard protective gear including headgear, reinforced gloves, protective clothing (one piece, or two pieces riding suit) with protection at the back, elbow, shoulders, knees, and hips.
  20. A motorbike rider shall wear a reflecting jacket for enhanced visibility.
  21. The bikers shall not be allowed to ply on the 3rd lane of the carriageway.
  22. In adverse weather conditions, poor visibility after sunset, the riders shall be made to exit from the nearest interchange or to park their motorbikes in nearest service areas.
  23. A biker card issued under these conditions shall not confer any vested right on the holder of such card to use of motorway. NHMP shall have the powers to restrict entry of motorbikes on motorways.
  24. These conditions shall be subject to rules and regulations issued from time to time. NHMP shall have the powers to suspend, cancel, or withdraw, or, revoke such biker cards either generally, or, through a particular order issued for suspension, cancellation, withdrawal or revocation of a biker card or cards.

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