Drew Binsky has arrived in Pakistan – will release first video tonight at 8 PM

Drew Binsky, known worldwide for traveling more than 100 cities at a very young age, recently announced that he would be coming to Pakistan. As soon as he posed in front of the Pakistan embassy and announced he would come to Pakistan, people of the country have been really looking forward to his visit.

Binsky has finally arrived in Pakistan and he is currently in Karachi. According to his first Facebook post, he is already having a lot of fun in Karachi and promises to release his first travel vlog from Pakistan today at 8 PM.

Before coming to Pakistan, Binsky shot a video in which he revealed that his fans from India were sending him a lot of hate emails and tried to warn him not to go to the country because he would get killed.

Binsky personally told the fans to calm down and promised them that he would show them Pakistan is a safe country and that it shares a lot of common things with India.

We’ll be posting his video as soon as it goes live today, keep watching this space.

More About Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky grew up in Sunny Scottsdale, Arizona and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a double major in economics and entrepreneurship. He was obsessed with his college and never thought he would go anywhere in the world other than his school.

But today he has traveled to more than 150 countries including India, and many other South Asian countries, leaving behind Pakistan. Now he is finally headed to Pakistan and his Pakistani followers are as excited as Drew to see him in the country.

Drew is extremely popular around the world for his videos. He has more than 1.7M social media followers and has garnered more than 400 million video views. He is also a 2x Guinness World Record Holder. You can see his full story in the video below.