Children of this government school in Karachi painted their school walls and it is so beautiful now

State-run schools aren’t very popular amongst citizens for the standard of education and other factors that make a school, a school. But if you visit the Higher Secondary School in Ranchor Line area of Karachi, you would be amazed.

The school is very different from the rest of Government schools found anywhere in Pakistan. It is colorful, vibrant, cheerful, and simply wonderful to be in. The credit goes to the children and Sharjil Baloch, a documentary filmmaker, and artist.

One of the biggest reasons why children do not want to be in government-run schools is due to the dull and uninviting environment. Seeing this as a major issue, Sharjil Baloch started the ‘Rang Tamasha’ drive where school children were given paints and tools to color the wall of their schools, making it vibrant, cheerful, and inviting.

The results are without any doubt, out of this world. Have a look at yourself.

Rang Tamasha drive at Jalal-Abad Secondary School

Sharjil Baloch’s Rang Tamasha drive wasn’t just limited to Higher Secondary School in Ranchor Line area of Karachi. He also worked with the children of Secondary School in Jalal-Abad to paint the walls.

This brought new life to the school there too!

We need these kinds of activities in all government schools in Pakistan. If this is how our schools look like, there is no doubt that more and more children will want to go and study there.