Bahria Town’s Mega theme park in Karachi is opening very soon and no one can contain their excitment

The international standard theme park ‘Bahria Adventura park’ which has been under construction for a couple of years is finally ready to be opened for public use.

In a recent inauguration ceremony of McDonald’s branch inside the soon to be opened Adventura Park, the Bahria Town authorities announced that the park was nearing its completion and will be opening its doors to the public very soon.

New videos and several images of the park have also surfaced showing that most rides in the park are completely operational. Bahria Town hasn’t announced the exact date for the opening, but they have mentioned that it will be opening really soon.

By really soon, they mean within the next few weeks or a couple of months. From the videos, it is easy to see that there is nothing left to complete on the park except that the management has to stress test the rides so the tragic incident that took place at Askari Amusement Park is not repeated.

Are you excited to visit the first ever proper theme park of Pakistan in Karachi? Stay tuned for more updates.