A cinema in Karachi arranged a special film screening for senior citizens of an old home and made their day!

What a heartwarming gesture!

As much as we hate to admit, old homes in Pakistan are populated with many senior citizens who are left alone by their children. Although old homes do their best to make senior citizens feel at home, nothing can be as good as being at an actual home amongst one’s family.

Unfortunately, many people tend to leave senior citizens in old homes in times when life becomes hard for them. This is usually because children are busy with their lives and they can no longer find the time to take care of their parents and consider them a burden.

No matter what their age is, senior citizens deserve all the love and they need light-hearted and fun moments in their life too. Keeping this in check, Nueplex Cinemas partnered with Dar-Ul-Sukun Old home in Karachi and arranged a special film screening for senior citizens.

The senior citizens were brought in groups and were given popcorn and chilled drinks to maximize their fun at the cinema. The special film screening immensely cheered the senior citizen and they thoroughly enjoyed their stay.

Gestures like these really warm the heart. We hope more and more cinemas and other entertainment facilities do something like this from time to time. These people deserve all the love we can give them.

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