This Pakistani Youth just beat 512 best players from the world to become world champion of Tekken 7

USA, Japan, Korea, no one could stop Arsalan from Pakistan

Arsalan has just made Pakistan proud. The Pakistani youth has created history by winning Evo Japan 2019, one of the biggest fighting games tournaments in the world.

The youth won Tekken 7 tournament which featured more than 500 best players of the game from the entire world.

Arsalan appeared out of nowhere last year when he defeated one of the best players of Tekken 7 in the world ‘Knee’ in Dubai.

Even more surprising is the fact that Arsalan has never participated in any other major tournaments before emerging victorious in Evo 2019.

After beating Knee in Dubai, many thought that Arsalan’s win was nothing but a fluke. But when he appeared again in Evo 2019 this past weekend, his skill was undeniable. The youth shattered anyone who challenged him in the tournament. He was completely unstoppable during the half of the tournament.

Arsalan was awarded 1.5 million Yen for his victory in Evo 2019.


Scenes from the final match of EVO 2019

The first bracket of the tournament featured 512 players in total. Out of which Arsalan made it to the top 32. From there on he took on some of the biggest names in Tekken 7. Arsalan faced AK, a brilliant player from the Philippines in the finals. AK wasn’t easy, but Arsalan was able to defeat him 3-0. Here are some highlights from the final match.  (Arsalan plays Kasumi on the left)

Full match – 

Winning moments from the match – 


One of the most prestigious trophies in Esports is coming to Pakistan. Congratulations to Arslan Ash on winning the Evo Japan 2019 Tekken Championship, we are honoured to have a player like you playing for our country. PakistanZindabad! ???Video Credits:

Geplaatst door Pakistan Cyber Gaming op Zondag 17 februari 2019

Youth like Arsalan and Shumail are proving time and time again that Pakistanis are not to be messed with when it comes to Gaming.

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