This is what French American DJ-Duo FDVM have to say about their Pakistan visit

FDVM held two performances in Pakistan

Islamabad recently welcomed international DJs from around the world in a one of a kind music and arts festival. One of the international artists consisted of FDVM, a French-America EDM group.

The duo spoke highly of their visit and interactions with the local people of Pakistan. Instead of just staying in their hotel room, both Denecker and Mulliez, the members of the group decided to explore Karachi and Islamabad during their visit.

They tried everything from eating Pakistani food, trekking on Margalla hills, and dancing to local tunes at a farmer’s market in Islamabad. Mulliez agreed that coming to Pakistan was not an easy decision for the group because as a foreigner, there is always a notion whether they would be safe here or not.

But after their visit, they are both glad that they came to the country. Both said they felt welcomed in the country and they thought it was a crazy good trip.

The two also went on and met with local musicians to learn more about the folk music of Pakistan. They even remixed Nazia Hassan’s classic Disco Deewanay and played it in a concert here in the capital which quickly made them one of the most favorite EDM groups in the country.

FDVM may have gone back but they took with them a lot of love from Pakistan and they have decided to definitely return with more music later this year.

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