This is the damage heavy rains in murree have caused to the road

For the Last couple of weeks, Pakistan experienced westerly waves that brought with them the chilly weather as well as rain and snow in the country. There was an unusual amount of snowfall and heavy rainfall this year in Pakistan. Even Lahore witnessed an unusual hailstorm that turned the entire city white.

Pakistan meteorological department is still saying that there will be more widespread rain in the entire country in the month of March. But the heavy rain and snowfall have already started taking its toll on the areas that are affected.

Check the images below for example. These are from the Murree highway that is one of the major roads to travel to the north. With heavy rain came landslide, and with a landslide, this is the damage.

If you’ve been planning to visit the northern areas of Pakistan, or Murree, with your family and friends, go out prepared. With more rain expected in the coming weeks, more incidents like this can happen.

The motorway police and meteorological department of Pakistan have already warned people to avoid unnecessary travel.