This garage in Faisalabad will make you a custom 200cc ‘Baby Jeep’ for Rs. 300,000

Modified or custom made jeeps in Pakistan is a widely loved hobby of collectors and adventurers. People who love open vehicles in the country spend a fortune getting a custom jeep made according to their needs.

Since modified and custom jeeps can cost a fortune, not everyone can afford it. If you’ve always wanted to have your own jeep, why not check out this garage’s unique creation the Baby Jeep?

A garage specializing in creating custom jeeps is giving people the opportunity to own their own miniature jeeps. You can order yours and the jeep will be handmade by the garage.

According to the garage, the price of the jeep is PKR 300,000 (3 Lacs) and it can reach speeds up to 80 kilometers. The jeep has a 200 cc water cool engine with four forward and back gear disks and breaks.

The garage has already made several jeeps for people and it seems like these jeeps have become a trend in some parts of Pakistan. If you like the idea of owning a miniature jeep, get in touch with the garage here.