This Canadian solo biker loved the hospitality of a Pakistani shopkeeper so much that she returned to give him a gift

Canadian solo adventure biker Rosie Gabrielle, best known for traveling the world solo on her bike recently came to discover Pakistan. And as with any other foreign traveler visiting Pakistan, she fell in love with the beauty, hospitality, and culture of the country.

Rosie shared most of her Pakistani journey on her social media profiles. She shared her experiences as well as heartwarming stories. One of her stories recalls the kindness of a shopkeeper in Lahore who offered her tea but refused to take money from her.

A couple weeks ago we came here to visit the area. Our bikes were parked just opposite Ali’s shop and took rest at the wall After a long ride. Ali served us some Peshawari kava (tea) and some goodies from his shop. Afterwards, we tried to pay for the tea, but he didn’t accept it. He said that as a guest in his country, it was his honor to host me and gift this to me. – Rosie

Rosie was so impressed with this kindness and hospitality that she returned the next day to gift the shopkeeper a printed photograph that she took of him while visiting the shop.


Yesterday, I went back to surprise my friend Ali with a printed photo I took of him. To show him my appreciation of his kind heart, his beautiful being. This is what life is about. These small gestures and connections.

She even tried making Rotis

During her visit to the Walled City of Lahore, Rosie came across a roti stall where he met Gulam Shabir, a skillful roti maker. Intrigued by his skill, Rosie tried making one herself.

As I was walking down the small narrow streets just outside the walled city, I came across a man making Chapati. I watched in mesmerized awe as he did this. The man in the stall next to him offered me a drink as I begun to take some fun photos of him flipping the bread. Next thing I know, I was invited to try it myself.

No matter where she went, she fell in love with Pakistanis

During her travels, Rosie met with a lot of people from all walks of life in Pakistan. And no matter where she went or who she met, she fell in love with their kindness and hospitality.

HOSPITALITY in PAKISTAN Is by far the most gracious care I have ever received. And it was explained to me by this Aunty that I met on the street.  She kindly insisted that I try the food and to join her and her granddaughter for dinner. The food was a gift she said. That I was a guest in her country and it was her honor and duty to show me grace and love.

She described Pakistan as being different from other Islamic countries, especially when it comes to its hospitality.

Pakistan has been a beautiful example of love and kindness. I’ve traveled to many Islamic countries. And although the hospitality is always AMAZING, there is something truly extra special about the people here and their exceptional giving hearts.

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