These young Pakistanis’ hardwork is making sure everyone safely passes through Karakorum Highway

Kudos to these young people working through the harsh weather

In Winters, parts of Karakoram highway usually gets blocked due to snow. This winter season, Pakistan experienced unusual snowfall which covered most the northern areas in white. The snowfall has consistently blocked the Karakoram highway in the last couple of weeks.

But thanks to these young Pakistanis, the road is made clear every other day to make sure commuters can travel through without problem and delay.

Most of the Karakoram highway is blocked in Khunjerav Valley, it is the main part of the road which also connects China via Gilgit Baltistan. These young men and women of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) can be seen working hard to remove the snow in the pictures below.

The CERT team is working under the umbrella of Agha Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) which is known for providing volunteer work like this for the community. The main goal of the CERT team is to prepare people for any kind of emergency in the area by educating and spreading awareness.

It is thanks to these first responders that everyone else gets to pass safely through the road. These brave people are an inspiration for Pakistani youth.

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