These Pakistanis dressed up as your favorite characters is the best thing you’ll see today

Check out some amazing costumes pulled off by Pakistani kids at TwinCon’19 Islamabad

Costume parties and cosplay, in general, is picking up the pace in Pakistan. Fans of anime, video games, movies, and comics now have various platforms where they can showcase their passion for cosplay.

A recent event held in the Islamabad on the 10th of February, TwinCon’19 is one of the finest examples of a place where fans can come together and share their passion and love for entertainment.

The TwinCon’19 managed to swarm together 2000+ anime fans and 500+ cosplayers from across Pakistan. This year the cosplayers took things to a whole new level. Check out some of the cosplayers and their costumes at the event.

This was the fifth TwinCon and it was held in Aura Grande Enclave, E-11, and it will only get better from here on. At the event, people were also provided with an opportunity to buy collectibles, books, comics and other stuff related to the entertainment industry. Food was of course also available for the guests.

The rise of cosplayers in Pakistan is something new but it is quickly picking up. More and more cosplayers are encouraging the youth of Pakistan to step up and live their passion.

So if you’ve always wanted to dress up as your favorite character, don’t miss TwinCon next time it comes to your city!

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