There is a new 800cc car coming to compete against Suzuki Mehran and United Bravo

The ‘Prince’ hatchback is expected to retail for PKR 700,000 to 800,000

It seems people are finally getting more vehicle options in the 7-8 lac rupees category in Pakistan. After the successful launch of United Bravo, a car launched by United motors to directly compete Suzuki Mehran, Regal Automobiles Industries Limited is bringing a new hatchback ‘Prince’ in the automobile market.

According to reports directly from within the company, Prince is all set to launch the 800cc hatchback car that has 50hp at 5,500rpm and 60.Nm of torque. The car is expected to hit the Pakistani automobile market in the first half of 2019.

Perhaps the best thing about the new hatchback is that it will be priced under the 7-8 lac category, a category dominated by Suzuki Mehran for decades.

Regal Automobiles have signed a deal with DFSK Group of China to launch these cars in Pakistan. The test models of the car have already reached Pakistan and the company is busy testing it on the roads.

According to reports, two different variants will be launched – an automatic and manual version. The top speed of the car is expected to be around 120-130kms.

With two more cars in this price category, and the news of discontinuation of Suzuki Mehran, will Suzuki launch its new alto 660cc variant in the same price range?

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