Pakistan shot down two Indian jets and arrested pilots, and even International media is reporting it

Indian aircrafts violated the Pakistani airspace yesterday in a bid to create fake news to impress its people back home. The airplanes entering the Pakistani air space were quickly dispersed by swift action from the Pakistani Air Force.

The aircrafts hastily dropped their payload and scattered back. In India, this was celebrated as a huge victory and everyone from their celebrities to politicians and the common man celebrated it. Unfortunately, India claiming that they had dropped 1000KG of bombs in Pakistan was backed by no evidence.

Today, according to DGISPR and videos recorded by locals, Pakistan Air Force, in response to Indian Air Force trying to violate the Pakistani air space once again were shot down. One of these jets fell inside AJ&K while the other fell in IOK. According to Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor, an Indian pilot has also been arrested.

Even International Media from around the world is reporting the event.

Japan Today


The New York Times

Washington Post

Khaleej Times


BBC News 


This is a developing story and more details will be added as they appear. Keep following this space.