Pakistan Post just made record breaking revenue in four months

Pakistan Post has always been criticized for being an unreliable service. Over the past many years, people have avoided using the services of the national postage of the country in favor of private courier companies.

Even the strong Pakistani e-commerce industry didn’t rely on Pakistan Post to send their parcels to customers. With e-commerce making billions in sales each year, it was a huge blow to the PKPost that their services were not being used.

With the new government, and a young minister spearheading operations at Pakistan Post, the organization has made a whopping 184% increase in its revenue in the past four months. An indication that people of Pakistan have finally started relying on the national courier of Pakistan.

Pakistan Post made this possible by launching services like E-commerce parcel, export parcel, urgent mail. same day delivery service, electronic money, and more.

Even Pakistan’s favorite German ambassador Martin Kobler was impressed with Pakistan Post services a few weeks ago.

Pakistan Post is now offering reliable services at rates that easily beat its competitor private companies. Now is the time to put your trust in the national courier and start using their services to further make it better!