Newly wed couple just set an example by distributing ‘wedding food’ to the homeless in London

The couple made sure the same food made for guests, friends, and family was distributed fresh to the needy

Newlywed couple Anna Begum and Zakareah Khan recently had their wedding in London. They had arranged for the function just like any couple would do on their big day.

But unlike most wedding functions, especially in Pakistan, the couple had something great in mind. As part of their wedding plans, they made sure that they make a difference in the lives of less fortunate on their big day.

As a result, the couple ensured that the very same food that they had arranged for their friends, family, and other guests would also be freshly packed and taken away to be distributed amongst the local homeless community in London.

Our marriage is a blessed and memorable day for us. We wanted to express our gratitude for all the positive things in our lives and after speaking to our friend Dilara we thought this would be an appropriate gesture – Anna and Zakaria

Our faith and beliefs influence us to help those who are less fortunate but we truly feel blessed to have such an amazing opportunity. We really wish we could do more and hope this will be an inspiration for other newlyweds to do something magical on their special day.

In a time where a huge guest list and lavish food has become a matter of pride for people, this is a welcoming change as well as a lesson and inspiration for all of us.

The story originally appeared on Ilmfeed.

Collected and distributed by One Third Soup Kitchen

The food was collected and distributed by the One Third Soup Kitchen initiative which providing food to the homeless in various countries, including Pakistan.

We should definitely learn from the kind gesture of this couple and at least instead of wasting wedding food, distribute it amongst the poor.

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