Meet the Pakistani publishing company who has published more than a dozen VR games

Big Immersive has helped many developers release their games on various platforms

Virtual Reality may be a new concept but it is quickly growing and becoming a mainstream market. A lot of developers and publishers are now developing specifically for Virtual Reality platforms which gives us a good idea that VR is indeed going to become bigger and bigger.

The introduction of VR technology has caused many small studios to set their eyes on this new market. But being a small studio, it is hard to have your game released on big platforms like Steam, Oculus store, and others.

To help these studios, publishers are needed. And one such publisher who has helped in the development and publishing of these VR titles happens to be from Pakistan.

Big Immersive is a publisher based in Lahore, UK, and Dubai who has helped many small studios not only develop their VR titles but also publish them across big platforms. Have a look at the completed projects of Big Immersive.

Check out all Virtual Reality games by Big Immersive here.

Big Immersive is also involved in local projects

Big Immersive recently did its part in Lahore Love Hai campaign which showcases the rich culture and history of the city through 3D imagery.



Geplaatst door Lahore Love Hai op Maandag 28 januari 2019

More about Big Immersive

Big Immersive helps in creating amazing VR and AR content and experiences Helping developers evolve, polish and finish their products. They also Provide exposure to various markets and mediums connecting the right people and organizations for publishing collaborations.

The company is based in Lahore with additional offices in UK and Dubai.

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