Hyundai is about to bring Pakistan’s first digital car showroom

Hyundai, one of the biggest new key players in the Pakistani automobile industry are gearing up to launch their cars in the country very soon. The company has bigger things in mind as it sets an eye on changing how you look, feel, and buy cars in the country.

The company has recently opened its digital car showrooms across various countries, changing the way people shop for cars. Hyundai believes that people of this age are more inclined to buy things if they are doing it digitally.

In simple words, the company wants you to shop for cars without ever talking to a salesperson in the process. Once opened, the digital car showroom will allow you to personally check the car display zone, look at the features and swatches of Hyundai vehicles through a touch panel, and even arrange for a test drive later.

Everything is done through an easy-to-use dashboard which shows a 3D model of Hyundai cars with real-time information such as functions, price, available stock, specifications, and more.

Although the company hasn’t given a specific date when the showroom will come to Pakistan, it has revealed that it is coming very soon to Emporium Mall in Lahore.

How does the showroom look like in other countries

If you’re wondering what the digital showroom will look like once opened in Pakistan, here are a couple of images from Hyundai’s showrooms in other countries.