Extreme Commerce is Helping many Pakistanis run an Amazon Business from Home

With overseas remittances to Pakistan reaching billions, more and more Pakistanis are looking for ways to earn passive income through the comfort of their homes.

Freelancing has helped millions of Pakistanis earn money from their home so they can support their families. The good thing about freelancing is that you earn in foreign currency, which when exchanged in local money makes a huge difference.

Although freelancing is an excellent way to make a living in Pakistan, it still requires considerable skill and talent to find suitable clients among masses of millions of freelancers from around the world competing on the same platform.

If you don’t have a particular skill that can help you make money online, don’t worry. This new method of earning passive income from home may be the best thing you’ll come across today.

Setup your personal store on Amazon from Pakistan

While eBay and Amazon are not officially present in Pakistan, people are still using these to make money. With the right knowledge, you too could be making money by using these marketplaces.

Did you know that Amazon.com do not allow just about anyone from the world to set up their online store on the e-commerce giant’s website?

Pakistan is not in their list of countries allowed to sell on Amazon. Yes, you heard that correct, but still, many Pakistanis are successfully earning millions by setting up their own stores on Amazon.

The best part? You don’t even have to manufacture, ship or sell the products directly. Everything is handled by Amazon FBA on your behalf.

What is Amazon FBA?

The Amazon FBA or fulfillment by Amazon is a program that lets you list products on Amazon so the e-commerce site can send away products to customers when they buy from your store, on your behalf.

In simple words, if you can get a manufacturer from, let’s say China, to send products to Amazon’s warehouse in the U.S, you can also list these products on the site and start selling them.

The process is very simple if you know how to pull it off. For starters, it is impossible to understand how to select the right product and how to ship them to Amazon’s warehouse under the fulfillment program. This is where Extreme Commerce comes in.

Extreme Commerce will help you set up your Amazon business

For those of you who are completely new to the world of e-commerce and earning from home, a company called Extreme Commerce in Pakistan is there to help you.

Extreme Commerce helps you with the following when you decide to earn money online through this method.

  • Setting up your Amazon ID
  • Understanding taxation system of other countries
  • Setting up your legal entity around the world
  • Finding a killer product to sell on Amazon
  • Looking for Chinese manufacturers
  • Helping you set up with an FBA freight forwarder so your product can reach Amazon
  • Marketing your product
  • Helping your product and store reach the top page of Amazon.com
  • Helping you increase sales so you can start earning millions
  • Getting paid and receiving money in Pakistan

For all of these and more questions, don’t forget to join their Facebook group Amazon FBA Pakistan.

This is a tried and tested method and has so far enabled many Pakistanis to earn passive income on the side.