Comedian Jeremy McLellan just thrashed Indians with his hilarious Tweets

Indian Military planes violated the line of control (LOC) last night, intruding from Muzaffarabad sector in wake of recent Pulwama incident. Pakistan Air Force immediately scrambled the IAC crafts which forced them to release a payload.

The said payload fell near Balakot, the pictures of which were released by DGISPR on social media. The payload is basically the carrying capacity of any aircraft which is measured in terms of weight. This includes anything from cargo to passengers to explosive warheads and other things.

While there has been a lot going on since last the incident, Jeremy McLellan also decided to jump in and say a few things to Indians in his signature style.

Check some of his most hilarious tweets posted after the incident.

Jeremy McLellan’s first Tweet after the incident

Series of Tweets after the incident

Jeremy McLellan didn’t stop with just one Tweet. He kept mocking Indians and their claims.

Jeremy Responds to Angry Indians

After his hilarious Tweets, angry Indians stormed McLellan’s inbox with hate messages. Here’s how he responded to one of them.

Jeremy’s take on the incident is definitely a much-needed break from all the tension.