Cholistan Desert Rally has started – here are some highlights from today

A total of 120 vehicles have registered so far in all categories

The Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab is holding the fourteenth Cholistan Jeep Desert Valley from today till 17th of February with the collaboration of Cholistan Development Authority, Desert Rangers, and Bahawalpur’s divisional administration.

The main objective of this rally is to promote the culture and historical heritage of Cholistan in order to endorse and highlight Southern Punjab. Its vast desert is open for tourism and this Rally is there to promote it.

The success of Cholistan Rally means more economic opportunities for Pakistan and the locals of Cholistan.

The rally began today with the qualifying rounds. According to the latest reports, at least 120 vehicles registered for the event in all categories. There are three women categories, 66 stock categories, and 50 prepared categories this year.

At the time of writing this, 118 vehicles had already completed the qualifying round and the track was closed. From tomorrow onwards the real challenge will begin where jeep drivers will battle it out for the ultimate prize.

In order to make sure the rally is safely conducted, Pakistan Army personnel have been deployed.

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