Berger paints is helping find missing children by painting their portraits on trucks

Every year, over 3,000 children go missing in Pakistan. There’s a huge issue when it comes to reporting and investigating a missing child complaint. Unfortunately, there are very few resources allocated to investigate and locate these missing children in Pakistan.

Finding lost children in Pakistan becomes even harder because the children are dispersed throughout the country as quickly as they disappear.

Noting this huge problem in the country, Berger paints decided to join hands with Roshni Helpline and Samar Minallah Khan to create a unique campaign called ‘Truck Art Child Finder’ to help find these children.

The company is using the form of truck art to locate these children. Truck art is celebrated in Pakistan and nearly every truck has some sort of art on it. Most trucks display poems, phrases, and pictures of prominent personalities.

Berger decided to replace the portrait of famous personalities on the back of trucks with portraits of missing children, turning the trucks into moving billboards that travel across the country.

With this campaign, Berger paints is spreading the news of missing children far and wide in Pakistan. According to the company, they received 313 calls in just one week.

We congratulate Berger Paints on starting this amazing and much-needed campaign. We really hope people who lost their children will one day be reunited with their children again.