Akcent announces Pakistan Tour – Expected to perform in Islamabad and Hyderabad

Akcent is without any doubt one of the most popular western dance group in Pakistan. The band, which is now performed only solo, released hits like ‘That’s My Name’ and ‘My Passion’ in 2010. These hits made them widely loved in Pakistan.

The solo pop dance artist now has millions of fans in Pakistan who eagerly swarm to a concert whenever they are in Pakistan. The last time Akcent came to Pakistan was in 2016.

Akcent announced their tour of Pakistan through Instagram but did not mention the exact dates of their concerts or venues. But according to the website of the dance artist, Akcent was supposed to perform in Islamabad on the 26th of January.

The website also reveals an upcoming show of Akcent on 8th of March in Hyderabad. It is expected that Akcent will play in Islamabad and Hyderabad in March.

Akcent used Twitter to spread teaser of their Pakistani tour when the solo artist asked Pakistanis how they were doing and how he was missing the country.

Just days from this teaser the tour was announced. Keep following this post for latest updates on Akcent concert in Pakistan 2019. We’ll reveal the dates and cities the artist will perform as information becomes available.